1. Why should I choose The Fitness Connection?

I will make sure you exercise regularly. You get a total body workout in one hour and I can provide you with expert knowledge and experience to make sure you reach your goals.

2. When and where can I work out?

I offer training in a fitness facilty in the privacy of my home as well as at local parks, the beach or your office. We may also spend time on "the Loop". If you are from Killingworth, you may be familiar with this great walking/running loop which is directly across from my home. (Pond Meadow - Bethke - Schnoor - Burr Hill loop [4.2 miles]

3. What kind of workout program can I expect?

The workout program will be designed based on your goals and fitness level. Typically you will spend 30 minutes on strength & toning and the balance on cardio & stretching. Every cardio workout is done using a heart rate monitor and all cardio programs are designed using Heart ZonesTraining.

4. What is Heart ZonesTraining?

Heart ZonesTraining is a system of getting fit by measuring heart rate or exercise intensity during a workout, using a heart rate monitor. Your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) is determined through a series of fitness tests and then custom programs are designed based on your MHR and your fitness goals. I use a heart rate monitor for every workout I put my clients through as well as every workout I do myself. In my opinion, as well as the opinion of many of my fitness colleagues, if you are not Heart ZonesTraining, you are not maximizing your cardio workouts.

5. What about my health concerns?

They will be addressed during the first meeting and I will consult with your physician or physical therapist if needed.

6. I have never worked with a trainer, what should I expect?

Expect to learn about your body, achieve your goals and feel GREAT about yourself.

7. Can I exercise with a friend?

All Session Programs can be sold to a group of 2 or 3. Call for the discounted rate.

8. Do you provide nutritional counseling?

You will be provided with nutritional guidance to round out your fitness program.

9. What are your credentials?

I am ACE (American Counsel on Exercise) educated and W.I.T.S. (World Instructor Training Schools) certified. I am also CPR certified by the American Heart Association. My certification includes special studies in nutrition and osteoporosis.

10. How soon can I see results?

You can expect to start feeling great about yourself almost immediately. You will certainly experience more energy. You may see results in as little as 2 weeks. The programs are designed to allow you to get the most out of your fitness and nutrition but it honestly depends on how bad you want to achieve your goals and how hard you are willing to work. 6 - 8 weeks is typically when you really see a noticeable difference.

11. What if I can't make a training session?

Unexpected things come up in our lives and sometimes cancellations just can't be avoided. Each Session Program has 1 make-up session and the 18 Session Program has 2. I purposely schedule out all sessions in advance so you can put it in your Daily Planner. My policy can actually motivate you to come to a training session on a day when you just don't feel like it!! You will feel like a million bucks after you train. I know you will thank me for this policy!

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