Thank you Joey for all of the efforts you put forth on behalf of all the women in your gym! I started back in January 2006 thinking I could learn from you and go back to working out on my own. The structure and versatility of each workout has keep me coming back. I love the full workout that includes all the body parts and that you concentrate on different areas throughout the week; upper body, lower body, cardio, abs. We never know what you are planning until we arrive but you certainly have thought it thru. You have worked hard to gain our trust and proven yourself to be a leader in the shoreline area
- Nancy Dansereau
My 3-5 workouts a week at Fitness Connection is my "one hour, all about ME time!" Not only do I get a great workout but I have made friends and have benefited by all of the connections, ideas, recipes, recommendations and inspiring conversations that occur frequently during class. I have been working out with Joey for approximately 18 months now and I am so much stronger! I sleep better, I am "nicer to be around" and the lower back and shoulder pain I used to live with is gone! Working out has finally become a priority for me and I consider it a gift to myself. It is the one hour when I put all thoughts and worries aside and focus on me and how great working out makes me feel!
-- Laurie Moffitt
"I came to Joey looking for a strength class which would allow me to stay active and avoid injury. I depend on her to provide me with an efficient workout close to home. No excuses!
-- Michele Richards
The best thing I have done for my health is signing up for Joey's strength classes years ago. As a woman in my sixties I want to stay strong and flexible as I age. I have gotten that and more! Every class is different, enjoyable conversations and tons of good information on health, local issues, book reviews, fitness - everything!
-- Irene Buttendorf
At my request, my "push" present after the birth of our second child was a series of personal training sessions with Joey at TFC. While I had remained fit and active through both pregnancies, my goal when signing up with Joey was to jump start my fitness regimen and regain my pre motherhood weight before my maternity leave ended - I didn't ask for much! I met both objectives but achieved so much more. Six years later, I am fitter than I was pre-motherhood with a stronger and leaner body (I just love my Linda Hamilton triceps). My philosophy towards exercise has been transformed. Joey teaches you that a combination of strength training interspersed with short intense bursts of intense cardio exercise and a clean (free of over processed foods) diet will result in a leaner, more energized and entirely fabulous you! Her strength training and spin classes are filled with groups of highly motivated people, eager to achieve their own individual fitness goals while supportive of the goals of others. The atmosphere is relaxed and flexible with Joey adapting exercise regimens to address differing fitness levels. You leave her studio sweaty but highly energized, ready to face the day and to enjoy the many benefits that simply radiate outwards to all aspects of your life. Give it a try - you will not regret it.
-- Alice Donnelly
In the past I have used two private personal trainers in the Killingworth area. I get a much better and more complete workout at The Fitness Connection than I did with either of them, at a fraction of the cost. Joey understands human physiology extremely well and devises the best exercise plans to maximize your workout.
– Pam Accola
Having been in and out of the fitness routine for years now, I was excited when I began training with Joey at TFC. After the first 6 week session, I felt stronger, more energetic, and my body had changed for the better. I was toned and looking more fit. It took me a bit longer to change other habits long in the making, such as proper eating. With Joey's help, I learned that it wasn't so difficult to do a little more. Once I was onboard with that and added a cardio regimen of only 20 minutes three times a week, the pounds and inches came away even faster. I lost 10 lbs. in three weeks. Thanks Joey, for your confidence, your persistence, and your drive. And thanks to all the ladies I see twice a week! You keep me coming!
– Janice Auer
I started taking weight training classes with Joey two years ago this spring. My body is totally different now -- I am leaner, and stronger and more muscular, able to lift more, than ever before. My husband says I am "not a pudding anymore"!! There is more than this, however. I have fibromyalgia. I was in pain most of the time, when I started the classes, and was very careful of myself, afraid to do much of anything. Joey's encouragement and willingness to explore my physical boundaries with me enabled me to do far more than I thought I could. She helped me to push past my limitations, while all the time she watched me and made sure I didn't go so far or so fast as to get hurt. These days, I am not in any pain anymore, and am much stronger and better balanced than I ever thought I could be. I am less afraid and anxious; the stronger I got, the healthier my mind has become, as well. And the big surprise was that all of this is fun, too!! Joey is a fabulous trainer, I so highly recommend her and these classes!
– Linda S.
Joey Morman and The Fitness Connection are the only things standing between me and total decrepitude. Since joining Joey's classes, I am stronger, more toned, and feel much better about myself. Her classes are challenging, fun and you get to meet some great women who are on the same fitness journey. You really cannot go wrong. Do what I did -- after you finish reading this ad, pick up the phone and call Joey!
– Kate Oliver
Your class was my best find for 2006! At my age I'm most concerned with core and bone strength and flexibility. I was working out on my own but now I'm getting better results in half the time ... and I enjoy the class. It's like having a private trainer.
– Irene Buttendorf
Spending several hours each day driving and then more hours at a desk had made me less and less ambitious. Within a week or two of starting group fitness training, I was feeling stronger and more energetic. The encouragement and skillful training from Joey keeps me looking forward to classes and the chance to share an hour with some interesting ladies.
– Alice Lucas
I always look forward to my workouts at the Fitness Connection. Joey challenges each individual to reach new levels of fitness. She offers constant encouragement. Her "You can do it!" always turns into "You did it!" You won't be able to believe what you can accomplish with her guidance and instruction. It will give your self esteem a huge boost. Your fitness level will also get a huge boost.
– Karen Vecchitto
I woke up one morning and said "Enough!" It was time to get my life back...3 kids, new job - I have a very busy life. But my health was suffering and with heart disease affecting most of the women in my family it was time. I am too young to feel THIS OLD! I kept seeing Joey's ad for The Fitness Connection and decided why not? I emailed her and within minutes she emailed back and the rest is history. I tell everyone that I wish every day was Monday & Wednesday because then I would get to work out with Joey! I have met some great women in my class and we all encourage each other. Joey has made me realize that my health and happiness are important and NOTHING is impossilble. THANKS JOEY!!
– Missy Yakimoff
This is my third session with the Fitness Connection and I can't tell you how much it has helped in toning my body and losing weight. It's like no other exercise program. Each time, it's a total body work out. You are pushed just a little bit farther then you want to go and you feel it for the days after but that is what has made the difference. No matter what level you are at, there is never a time when you feel bad because the person next to you is more fit then you, its all at your own pace. Thank you Joey for making exercising fun and interesting.
– Chrissy Volpe
"Several years ago I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, which is the beginning of Osteoporosis. I was told by my doctor that I should do weight bearing exercises to help my condition from getting worse. I tried many times to do a weight workout at home, but never managed to stick with it. When I saw the ad for The Fitness Connection in the Killingworth Krier, I decided to call. I’m happy to say that since January, I’ve been attending the weight trainingclasses either 2 or 3 times a week. The class is fun, itonly takes a few minutes to get there, Joey is an excellent trainer and most important, I’m finally sticking to a weight training program!"
– Barbara G. (57 years old)
"Joining Joey Morman's strength class was the best thing I did for myself this year.  At age 58, my muscles were literally aching from inactivity and I started to think (and worry) about my physical future.  From the beginning, Joey's workouts with weights were fun. She is good at what she does.  She teaches proper techniques, works us at a good pace, and is knowledgeable not only about the body's muscles but about nutrition as well. I looked forward to classes and to the new challenges she presented. The routines were different every time and before I knew it weights were increased and I was becoming stronger. Since beginning the classes, I look better (so people comment), feel better and have more energy. More importantly, I am stronger and have more endurance. And, after heavy work at home, I no longer have muscle aches and pains.  Joey is stuck with me now. I feel too good to go back to the aching, inactive person I used to be".
– Kathy McCurdy, Killingworth, CT
"The energy I get from working with Joey has had a direct effect on the rest of my life.  From my relationships with my children, to my husband, to my housework, to my friendships - everything I do has an extra skip to it now! I feel strong, energetic and in control.  I find myself looking for challenges instead of being afraid of them!  I'm finally doing something for myself and I can't believe how great and empowering it feels!  Thank you Joey!!"
– Jen Luzietti, Killingworth, CT
"My fitness plan needed a kick-start. I called Joey Morman, explained my present situation, and asked if she could help me get to the next level. She listened, analyzed, and set a plan in motion quickly. I could see the results by week six. The key for me was the heart rate and strength training. We worked to retrain my body to work more effectively with measurable results by week four. In addition to the fact that she tuned in to me so quickly, she is focused on safe exercise and reducing the chance of injuries. I highly recommend Joey Morman of The Fitness Connection."
- Nancy Dansereau, Killingworth, CT
"I started working with Joey Morman in January to weight train to gain strength because I am a long distance runner. It has been great. Not only have I become stronger, she has helped me increase my anaerobic threshold through heart rate monitoring so I am now running at a faster pace than I ever have before!"
- Denise Wagner, Killingworth, CT
"I had turned forty and found that I was becoming less fit as the months went on, even though I was walking on a regular basis. What I was doing wasn't working for the "older" me, and I realized I would need to learn the effective way to eat and work out to get back in shape. I joined Joey Morman's personal training program and within just four weeks I have toned up, I am losing weight and I feel so much better. Joey has also given me nutritional knowledge that I apply to my entire family's meals. We've gotten further in four weeks than I had in the previous year trying to work out on my own. "
- Karen Milano, Killingworth, CT
"I have been seeing Joey at The Fitness Connection for about 6 months now. I can't tell you how good I feel. It's amazing to see the changes in my body. I have lost weight before but have never felt or looked this good. The combination of cardio and weight training helps tone my body while training my heart to work at the optimal level to lose weight. The best thing about the training is that you don't need big equipment at home to maintain what she teaches you. Hand weights and a willingness to use what she teaches you are all you need. I'm hooked!"
- Charlene Torello, Killingworth, CT
"Type II diabetes. Heart disease. Cancer. Scary? You bet; particularly when they're a part of your immediate family history. I realized one day that not only were my 20's not coming back, neither were my 30's!! It was time to be proactive. I called Joey at the Fitness Connection and my life changed!! I feel good. Strong. Confident. Empowered! I'm training to compete in a triathlon! Wow!!"
- Cherie Toman, Killingworth, CT
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