What to Expect

    Most women struggle to achieve their fitness goals because they don't have the time or motivation to exercise regularly. If you take the first step to a better, fitter, healthier mind and body, I can promise you expert knowledge and coaching to make sure you reach your goals. In the privacy of my 500 square foot fitness facility, which is located in my home, you will get a total body workout in only one hour. The facility is outfitted with all new, top quality cardio and weight training equipment and boasts plenty of room for floor work, body weight exercises and stretching.

    Subsequent to our first meeting, I will provide you with a series of forms that need to be filled out, including a brief confidential health history questionnaire to identify any concerns related to diet and exercise. Upon review of the information that you provide to me, your current fitness level will be assessed (including heart rate, blood pressure and pulse) and I will perform Maximum Heart Rate Sub-max tests to determine your Maximum Heart Rate. I will work with you to define your fitness goals. I will consult with your physician or physical therapist if needed.

    Prior to your first training session, I will design a program that includes strength and toning exercises utilizing both body weight and light to medium weights, as well as stretching, walking, jogging, jump roping and Swiss ball work. I will also plot out your Heart ZonesTraining cardio workouts. I am with you every step of the way and you will learn exactly what and how to execute each part of a routine. Your individualized program will also include the routines you do on your own together with exercise descriptions and pictures.

    Training sessions with me will never be exactly the same. You will not get bored and I guarantee you will have fun doing them. (You will be amazed at how great you will feel after a training session!) Training sessions are sold in 4, 8, 12 & 18 session packages. They are paid for up front and I sit down with you and scheduled out all sessions in advance so working out becomes part of your weekly agenda.

    Your personalized training program may incorporate any of the following training modalities:

  • Assessment of your Current Condition
  • Development of Core Strength
  • Development of Functional Strength
  • Improvement of functional capabilities using Heart ZonesTraining
  • Weight bearing Exercises to Combat Osteoporosis
  • Improvement of Overall Fitness
  • Toning & Sculpting
  • Building Muscular Strength
  • Reducing Fat & Managing Weight
  • Reducing Stress
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Boosting Self Esteem & Confidence Levels
    You can expect to start feeling great about yourself almost immediately. You will certainly experience more energy. You may see results in as little as 2 weeks. The programs are designed to allow you to get the most out of your fitness and nutrition but results honestly depend on how bad you want to achieve your goals and how hard you are willing to work.
6 - 8 weeks is typically when you really see a noticeable difference.

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